The guilty pleasure of vlogs

I bonded with some one recently over this question:

Why the fuck do we enjoy watching other peoples live so much?

I got over reality tv a while ago (except MTV’s the challenge, that will always be a guilty pleasure favorite) but all of a sudden the trend is watching youtube blogs.  And it’s literally videos of people shopping in target, getting ready for the day, cleaning the apartment/house, etc.  That’s it.  It’s people doing what I do everyday.

But the big difference?  These people get paid for it.  And why not?  It’s one step up from the strangers we meet on tumblr or in video games.  We don’t know them but we share something in common and they are kind of like friends.  When I’m feeling down, unmotivated, or just when I wake up, I watch a blog.  It’s some one who we can relate to and is living “the best life”.

I’m curious to see how long/ how this will evolve.  For now, it only seems to be getting bigger.