Movie Review: The Boy

Spoiler Alert!
If you want the explanation of things scroll down, otherwise enjoy a brief synopsis 🙂

This is hands down one of the best horror movies I’ve seen in a while. I went in thinking it was going to be like a modern-day Chucky.

It was so much worse.

First off this movie has a good amount of tense moments. You aren’t sitting there the entire time with your fists clenched and then nothing. Rather there was a decent amount of suspense with a sigh of relief. There was a party bag full of jump scares (that are the most fun thing ever!). And instead of leaving you terrified to even move out of your seat (Looking at you Conjuring) you were left analyzing it and discussing it the entire fucking walk home.

So here’s the premise: A girl with a dark (ish) past moves to the UK to escape her psycho, abusive boyfriend Cole. We don’t learn that till later but whatever. She is hired as a Nanny for a fucking doll and given a list of instructions on how to take care of him. Then weird shit happens. Her shoes disappear (but it’s a doll, right?), clothes disappear, etc etc etc etc. There’s this grocer guy who is the same age as the “real son” who supposedly died like 20 something years ago. So the whole time you’re thinking “Omg this is the son. WTF”
No! You’re wrong!

I don’t want to give the whole thing away (lol too late) but i doubt anyone in that fucking theatre had the correct theory.

Cole finds her and decides she’s returning to the U.S. with him and stays the night. At this point it has been decided that the doll is possessed by the spirit of the boy. So Gretta, the nanny, falls asleep next to Brahms (the doll) telling him to protect her. She wakes up to Cole freaking the fuck out. He smashes the doll and there’s that moment of “Oh shit! He just released the spirit!”
The real fucking kid comes out of the fucking wall! Creepy as mask and all! Brahms has been alive the entire fucking time! What the actual fuck?!

Okay so here’s what’s up. When Brahms was 8 years old he killed a neighborhood girl. Or so that’s suspected. That same night the house (which is mostly stone btw and old as hell) catches fire and Brahms dies. Excuse me, Brahms “dies”. It turns out the parents faked his death to protect him and started taking care of this doll as a sign of mourning for their son. Meanwhile Brahms has been living in the house, moving around through the walls for like 2 fucking decades! What is that shit! The parents write to him, letting him know they are going to kill themselves and do whatever he wants with the nanny. Insert chaos ending scene. Voila! That is some fucked up shit!
Now go see it.