It’s okay to “spoil” yourself

Lets admit it. Most, if not all of us, have been through the money struggle. As a college student I know the struggle all too well. But here’s the thing I’ve come to accept over the past few months: no matter what my mom might say about certain products being the same thing but a cheaper brand, sometime you just have to get the more expensive item to feel good about it.
Take for instance, razors. Sure, there are some at the bargain store, but (personally) I want the one that has the comfy handle and 4 blades (or whatever). It’s not the same as the little pink one with two blade. It’s not the same at all. I’m willing to spend $5 more to get the one that I want and like using, because I deserve it.
Oh your favorite chocolate bar is on sale? Do it. You deserve it. You want the expensive toothbrush because you like the bristles better or maybe it’s just the color? Then spoil yourself.
Sure, they may just be material things, but they are things we use and know and love and we feel good using certain things. So F*****g do it already. Yeah it’s a little more money, but if you like that certain thing, then why buy something you don’t like?