Adjusting to Life never Ends

I discovered recently that “adjusting to school” no longer classifies what we are all trying to do here.  Rather, it’s “adjusting to life”.  And, believe it or not, almost none of us will every completely adapt.

A lot of college first years experience the adjustment period. It’s a difficult process.  New place, new people, new routine, whatever. But something that I didn’t realize until this year: the adjustment isn’t just for first years. I always figured: Okay after a few months I’ll have my shit figured out. And I had convinced myself I had. I was stronger in so many ways. Last year was hell for me and I made it through because, in my mind, I wasn’t adjusting to anything I was just living.

Until this year. This year I realized how hard it is to adjust to anything no matter how long you’ve been doing it. It’s my senior year and some mornings I wake up and feel like a freshman all over again. Why? Lots of reasons… none of which are the point.

Here’s the thing. As we are growing up we always have something to look towards in the future. You’re bullied in elementary school. That’ll end soon. High school sucks. You’ll get out. But once you hit college… life starts to happen a little often and it’s no longer adjusting to school. Because you don’t actually know what’s in your future. You don’t have that concrete thing to look towards anymore. And that’s the scariest fucking thing.

It’s just plain adjusting to life. It’s called living. It might be hard sometimes but we’re all going through it together. Don’t forget that.