Kicking ass in 2016

I’ve put off posting a New Years Resolution post because I wanted to talk about something that I haven’t seen yet. But it seems like the trend is that 2015 really kicked peoples’ ass and everyone is taking 2016 to focus on themselves so that they can kick ass.

But no matter how hard I tried to not be in that trend, I am.  Except I found that I didn’t want to share that with people.  I actually made two resolutions lists this year because I realized so many of them were so personal and I didn’t want to share them.  I also realized that I didn’t have to.  No one was going to know if I left something out or gave way too vague of an explanation (because I’m sure we’ve all gotten the “why?” after telling some one a resolution.  How about why the fuck does it matter to you?)

The past few months I have seen so many people burn out from taking care of others and worrying so much about things that, while important, don’t mean the world in the long run. The amount of people that told me not to stress my last semester of college and have fun…. But my grades…? No. It’s time to stop worrying if I get writers block or whatever. It’s time to have fun even if I don’t think I have the energy. We started doing that around Novemeber. And it felt fucking great! Yeah you might be exhausted but what do you want your time to be spent doing? Napping from staying up too late to finish the paper or going to the movies with your friends?

This is the resolution I’m sharing and the one I recommend.  Be responsible and take care of yourself and others but start saying no.  Say not to the things that you don’t have time for.  Say not to petty dramas trying to ruin a night.  Take time to yourself and live in the moment.  Let yourself think about the future and plan but don’t forget that right now is the only moment of its kind and you should seize it.  Don’t let 2016 kick your ass like 2015 did.  Take control!