When the going gets tough

The tough reapply mascara, get a haircut, and move the fuck on.

At least… it’s that simple in the movie right?

For some of us that works.  We make a drastic change or immerse ourselves in… ourselves and when there’s finally a moment to pause the pain has subsided enough to deal with.

Some of us aren’t so lucky.  We feel great and empowered until we’re left alone in the cool breeze of the summer.  No hairstyle or make up or workout fixes what’s really going on.  We pretend and we pretend because anything is better than facing what’s going on.  And why doesn’t it all just work? Why can’t a haircut help the pain in our heart? Why can’t that empowered feeling last more than a few hours?

Keep fighting the fight… when the going gets tough the tough get going.