Red Starbucks Cup <3

By now we’ve heard that there is…. apparently… an issue with the new ombre red Starbucks holiday cups. If you’re like me, you pretended not to notice or care until enough articles were strewn all over your Facebook page and you had to open one and figure out what was going on.

Now that I have, and I don’t mean to be offensive or rude but….

There are people dying!  People are fucking dying all around us.  There is a houseless epidemic and it’s nearing winter.  People are starving.  People are fucking dying and we are sitting around debating a fucking holiday cup!  Are you out of your fucking minds!?

It’s a goddam cup!  Yes I got Starbucks within two days of the cup coming out because it’s pretty and I wanted to treat myself to coffee I can’t really afford and sugar I shouldn’t be having.  But it’s just a cup.  For many people it marks the start (though early I know but that’s a separate debate) of the winter season/holidays.  Big woop!

Get off your high horse and look around you!  There are bigger things going on then a cup.  Those are things we should be worried about.

My favorite color is October

I know. Another Fall blog post. Because liking fall is something I’m supposed to be ashamed of…? What??? When will people be judged for being obsessed with summer? Oh wait, it doesn’t actually matter what your favorite season is because no one will win the battle of the seasons! Duh!

But for those of you that just refuse to get it. Here’s the thing about Autumn.

Yes the pumpkin spice latte is as good as we say it is. No you don’t have to like it. And if you do like it… no that does not make you a basic white girl.

Fall means dressing basically anyway you want. You can get away with summer clothes or more cozy clothes and light layers and still be comfortable. What the fuck is wrong with liking that?

Boots. That’s it. Boots are amazing.

The sky is bright blue and the trees are so colorful. And crunchy. Don’t pretend you don’t take satisfaction in stepping on a crunchy leaf. Or kicking a pine cone like a soccer ball. Yes you.

Halloween. You get to take a night off and dress up as whatever you want. This can involve as much or a little effort on your part. And as you get older, fewer people judge you for your costume. If you work it, no one cares.

Cuddle weather! And rain! I know not everyone likes the rain but “It’s good that there is rain. It clears the month of your sorry rainbow expression and clears of the streets of the silent armies. So we can dance.” -Basketball Diaries.

I could go on. But you get the point. Liking fall doesn’t make you basic. It makes you excited for change and color and festivities. And I for one am all for it.

(credit for the title goes to Buzzfeed