Dear College Freshman

I get it. You come from being at the top. So you’re too cool for these ice breakers and info sessions.
Here’s the thing- you’re at the bottom now! And whether you want to to admit it or not you have no idea where anything is or how anything works! And, frankly, it’s pretty damn cool that you’re given an opportunity to do these things. At a bigger school, you wouldn’t have peer mentors, or ice breaker games that force you to meet new people, or a President’s dinner with a quirky flash mob dance. You would get none of those things. So embrace the experience! Meet all of those people! Listen to those info sessions! You chose a small school and this is what it comes with. So get over yourself and enjoy orientation!

Signed, A college senior who is tired of your bullshit.
P.S. we aren’t lying when we say time passes way to quickly…