The Grocery Story

I just watched a Ted Talk given by photographer Brian Skerry. He talks about the beauties and horrors of ocean life. At one point he said something that will never leave my mind. He compares our use of the ocean to a grocery store. We take what we need and throw out what we don’t want. When he said that he was talking about shrimp fishing. Dragging a net across the bottom of the ocean to catch a few shrimp. The problem is that a bunch of other ocean animals are caught and killed and then thrown back out as if they are nothing. That is disgusting. And what’s even worse: what he said is exactly true for just about everything we do. We throw out food that is “bad” when it’s really just overripe. We drink bottled water and then throw away the bottle. The amount of people that don’t even bother to recycle is…gross. What are we doing people?
We are destroying ourselves. Period. And I could go on and on about this but lets keep it simple.
It’s time we get our S**T together.