Beauty within Hell Week

Good morning!  Today is the last day of finals!  AH!

Time to rejoice and enjoy ourselves!

But what would you say if I told you I actually find some amusement in finals?  If I told you it’s actually kind of sad when they end?

I know.  I’m totally crazy but hear me out…

Everything you’ve been working on all semester adds up to these two weeks.  Because if we’re being honest last week was my Hell Week but whatever.  It’s all of that junk you’ve learned and struggled through put into a few assignments.  (No pressure haha)  And it’s hard and you don’t sleep enough and you’re bumming it way too often and you’re not eating right…

But all of a sudden there’s people out.  The library is packed. The lounge become home to a study group of people that you didn’t know even knew each other.  There are books and bags everywhere and people kicking a soccer ball around outside for a break.  And everyone is in the same boat (for the most part).  And it sucks but you end up surviving.  Despite the amount of times you want to cry and stop and give up you never do.  That’s pretty fucking cool.

At the end of finals you’ve achieved something that you actually thought you couldn’t  And within a few days you’re looking back laughing at how dramatic everything was.

And it’s beautiful.  The second day of my Hell Week I was ready to break down by 10am (I’d been up since 6). I was rushing to grab something in my room before Improv and my friend had left Pumpkin Spice Tea all over my room.  I’m literally walking into my room with tears in my eyes and then I have this reminder that I’m okay and there is more than what I’m stressing out.  Look at this person supporting me.  Minutes later my roommate has brought my favorite smoothie and cake pop for me.  I have never been so fucking grateful before.  In the middle of Hell I get the biggest reminder of how connected everyone is. And that’s fucking awesome.  We all have that during finals: support.  Maybe not everyone has legit treats, but during finals you can literally turn anywhere and some one is going to be there right next to you.  And that’s a treat in itself.   We are able to support each other because, unlike the rest of the semester, people are all in the same boat.  And we all want everyone to float together.  No one gets to sink during finals.  And there’s beauty in that.  And when it ends, those people you laughed and cried with in the library are gone.  And everyone pretends like it didn’t happen.  But it did.  And it was beautiful.

Morning Routine

I don’t know about you, but I’m the kind of person who can take 10 minutes to get ready or an hour.  And it might not look like there’s too much of a difference either way.  The thing is, though, that having extra time to get ready is literally so important for the rest of the day.

I can do my full face routine.  I don’t wear a ton of make up but the make up I do wear I want to wear well.  This means no mascara on my eye lid and my moisturizer needs to be rubbed in completely. etc. For those of you that know this struggle (I’m talking anyone) you know that those little things can really matter to confidence.

Here’s the other thing, though.  Getting ready with more time allows a better start to your day.  Instead of rushing around to get ready, there is time to breathe if you’re having a slow day.  Or if you’re not, there’s time to do other things.  I make my bed and put books away and close my closet doors everyday before I leave.  When I return, the room feels more relaxed and put together and that makes me feel more put together.

So here’s my suggestions: get up literally just 10-15 minutes earlier.  Let yourself take a minute to pick out the earrings you always mean to wear and never do.  Let yourself pay extra attention to your hair or double check your bag and go over your planner.  Yes that’s 10 minutes you could be sleeping but I promise it’s worth it.

(Inspired by “Why Girls Take FOREVER to Get Ready in the Morning!!!!!” by Alisha Marie )

It’s okay to “spoil” yourself

Lets admit it. Most, if not all of us, have been through the money struggle. As a college student I know the struggle all too well. But here’s the thing I’ve come to accept over the past few months: no matter what my mom might say about certain products being the same thing but a cheaper brand, sometime you just have to get the more expensive item to feel good about it.
Take for instance, razors. Sure, there are some at the bargain store, but (personally) I want the one that has the comfy handle and 4 blades (or whatever). It’s not the same as the little pink one with two blade. It’s not the same at all. I’m willing to spend $5 more to get the one that I want and like using, because I deserve it.
Oh your favorite chocolate bar is on sale? Do it. You deserve it. You want the expensive toothbrush because you like the bristles better or maybe it’s just the color? Then spoil yourself.
Sure, they may just be material things, but they are things we use and know and love and we feel good using certain things. So F*****g do it already. Yeah it’s a little more money, but if you like that certain thing, then why buy something you don’t like?