Grease Live!

So… it didn’t totally suck!  Fuck yeah!

Grease is one of my favorite musicals.  Ever.  I could give a shit about some of the messages it sends because I grew up with it and I’ve performed in it and I just fucking love it.  So set that bullshit aside.  We’re talking about the Grease Live performance from Last Night!

Basically, they didn’t butcher it.  Was it perfect?  Hell no!  But it was damn fun to watch!

Here’s a quick breakdow

aaron tveit

Keke Palmer set the bar high

(That quick change though)




Jordan Fischer met that bar and made every theatre geek cry with joy when he sang this:


They added an unnecessary song before the Teen Angel song.  And I adore Carly Rae Jepson but no.  I left the room I got so bored.  Meanwhile Boys II Men did what they do.  It was great but maybe not in Grease fashion.

Speaking of not in Grease fashion…

joe jonas grease live

Pretty sure mohawks weren’t quite in style in 1959….

Can we talk about Julianne Hough, who while very talented, wasn’t original at all.  Oh, except for that part where they made Sandy way too coordinated and she got her own cheerleading stunt to show of Hough’s dance moves.  She’s not shy in front of the whole school, but gets shy in front of the camera at the dance and is so insecure she runs away when Cha Cha shows up….? That doesn’t make sense.

Lastly, lets take a quick second to commend Vanessa Hudgens.  While I don’t think she made the best Rizzo she did a bomb job and you have to give her extra props for performing under such conditions.  You go girl!

Overall, not bad.  They maybe tried too hard with getting such a star studded cast, but in the way of TV musicals this one has been the best.  Jessie J’s performance of “Grease is the Word” was my theme song this Monday. So fuck yeah!