Friends are not Accessories

I don’t even know why I need to write this post but a few things have been bugging me for a while…

A lot of people label their friends.  Specifically “gay best friend” or “token black friend” or “the trans friend”.  I do not care if your friend is gay or black or trans.  That’s awesome and if that is something that is important to them then let them say it.  But that is not part of their name and they don’t deserve to be treated like an accessory you post about with pride.  I hate the #gaybestfriend.  Like what the fuck.  This person is your best friend or not, there is no need to differentiate anything else.  It’s rude and it turns that person into their label.

The same goes for the joke of “the token black friend”.  Like really?  Is is something to be prideful of?  To have a black friend?  To have a Latino friend?  Do you feel better because it makes you feel diverse?  Get the fuck out.  That person is more than the “token black friend” but by giving them a label you are saying that is what they are.  That’s it.  They need their own category.  And for what reason?  There isn’t a good one.

Friends are not accessories we show off.  So lets reevaluate what we’re saying and what it means.


Shoutout to Cristian Perez for giving me the idea to write about this:

Gay Best Friends are not accessories