Frappula Review

In case you couldn’t tell…

This is a review on the Frappula Frappuccino at Starbucks. We all know it’s available from now through Halloween.

Last year they did the Frankenfrapp and it was ah-mazing!  So I had pretty high expectations.  That was bad move #1.

#2 was ordering it.

Haha I’m kidding… kind of.  It’s worth trying at least once.  It’s…interesting.

But I would never order it again.  It’s creative and fun but it’s not done as well as it could be.  It looks cool but it’s way too sweet and you almost don’t understand what you’re drinking.  The raspberries taste fake.  The chocolate at the bottom should be dark because it’s just too sweet.

But it looks cool and it’s an…interesting attempt at a festive drink.

Try it to say you tried it but you probably won’t love it….