Those little quirky fears

So one of my weird fears just happened to me. Yay writing inspiration!

Every single time I shower, I check the towels before I use them. I don’t care if they’ve just been washed, if they were over the shower or on the towel rod. I always ALWAYS check them. Because spiders. Today I grabbed a towel to wrap around my hair and I checked it and BOOM! Spider! A little brown and black one *chills up spine*. NOPE.
The same kind of thing applies for items that have hung outside to dry.I love hanging things on the line to dry. They always smell so fresh! (Am I right?) But outside there are insects and bugs and things and while I’ve NEVER seen one left on whatever I had drying, it still makes me double and triple check everything before I bring it in. (I don’t hate bugs, I just don’t want them where they shouldn’t be. And if I can I will let them back outside as opposed to killing them).

I’m also kind of weird about food. If cheese has mold on it, I’m concerned. I don’t care that you can cut the mold off and the cheese is perfectly fine, it still creeps me out. *shakes head* I’ll eat but I’ll be very skeptical…

Lastly, and this is probably from all of the horror movies I’ve seen… I have this fear of seeing a face at my window. I sleep on the second story and it’s a straight up and down incline to my windows but I still feel like that could happen. Yikes.

Anyway I’d love to hear some of your weird fears 🙂