Post Grad Impatience

I originally intended to call this “post-grad struggle” because duh, it is.  But I also realized that a lot of that struggle is because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, puts pressure on you to DO something.  Get a job, figure your shit out, get a fucking job.

It’s not that easy.

So while I would normally be okay (ish) with having had to move back home for a little while, anywhere I turn I’m supposed to have my shit figured out.  People younger than me have their stuff figured out!

That’s something no one tells you.  The assumption is that you’ll graduate college and be successful (job and money).  But you rarely hear about the graduate who spent a summer home after college confused and stressed to the core.  The ones that go home seem to get stuck at home and later on become the cliche of “still living in parents basement” while everyone else is successful.

It’s okay to be somewhere in the middle.  We should start embracing that a little more.