Honoring Diem

Today marks one year since the passing of Diem Brown.  She was a participant in MTV’s The Challenge and one of my biggest role models growing up.

Before I understood what reality television really was, what I was seeing was simply strong competitors.  I saw what pressure can do to people.  I saw real people battling real problems.  And amidst all the yelling and the competition and the drama was Diem.  She was one of the strongest competitors in my eyes.  She wasn’t the one getting involved in every single drama in the house…. This was an at influential time for me.  It was through this show that I understood how two-faced people can really be.  How selfish people can really be.  I hadn’t been exposed to attitudes like that too often.  So it was a big wake up call.  And then there was Diem.  She was the one I connected to the most.  She never wanted to be involved in the drama and she was an extremely strong person in the series.

When I learned, later on, that she was battling cancer I was heartbroken…. There was an episode where CT asked her to take off her wig and reminded her how beautiful she was without it and she was so shy…

Her passing…

Diem remains in the hearts of her family and in everyone that watched her.  She was so strong and influenced people in more ways then can really be understood.  My heart goes out to her family and friends.  And to her.

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