Spring Cleaning

Does anyone else do that thing where they go to clean with the intended outcome being a pile of “give away”, but never manage to actually get rid of anything?
Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. You find a t-shirt that you haven’t worn in ages and put it in your give-away pile but take it out again “just in case”.
I am so guilty of this it’s not even funny.
(Granted it has slightly to do with my inability to make decisions but that’s a different story)
Yet this past weekend, I had something come over me. I all of a sudden was I able to get rid of stuff. A lot of stuff. A big box worth of stuff.
And let me tell you: it is one of the most relaxing things! All of a sudden your t-shirt drawer looks cleaner because shirts aren’t crammed in it. There is a condensing of stuff under your bed and you can see the ground a little bit.
It’s like a mental cleansing too. It’s taking things out of your mind that don’t need to be there. And it’s a good way to remember that material things are just that: material. You will live if you throw out that old shirt.
So here’s my suggestion: do your own spring cleanse. Look through your closet and grab items you don’t wear or are undecided about. Put on your fashion show and if its something you don’t like then give it to goodwill. You may only find one thing, you may find 10, but either way it’s worth a shot. You may even find things you forgot you had.

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